First impressions matter.

Getting your business noticed is easy with Google Maps Street View | Trusted, 360° virtual tours that let people step inside and discover what makes your space unique and is proven to drive more visits.


from Andrew Klotz, a Google Trusted Photographer in the GTA.

Street View | Trusted is a 360° tour of your business on Google Maps, created by a Google Trusted Photographer.


Contact a Google Trusted Photographer for recommendations tailored to your business.


Google Maps Street View | Trusted allows potential customers to discover and explore your business with 360 degree Street View technology. These immersive and interactive virtual tours have been used by many types of businesses--campuses, shopping malls, retail stores and restaurants--to engage people and allow them to experience the uniqueness of actually being there.


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Street View | Trusted Tours are completed by a certified Google Trusted Photographer to ensure a high quality result that will reflect positively on your brand and present a stunning first impression.


It also includes an album of professional photos of your venue.

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How can it help a business?

Engage searchers

Engage customers searching Google via an interactive virtual tour with slick navigation.

Professional Photos

High resolution, magazine-quality photos of your business that you own the rights to.

Increased Visits

Case studies report click-through rates increasing as much as 55%, and in-store traffic up to 20%! 

Simple to Embed

5 minute integration into any website, or paste a link into emails for one-click access.


What quality of photography can I expect?


We believe in strong first impressions, and that translates into a passion for producing crisp, professional imagery. It requires a higher degree of skill and time, but the results are visually stunning.


What does a Street View | Trusted tour cost?


No recurring monthly or annual costs is up front and simple.

A one-time fee is charged for the photography & setup - Google hosts all content free of charge on your Google+Local page.

Starting at just $450 for a basic venue, it's easy on the pocketbook.

Pricing depends on the size of the business, but is as low as $450+HST. It is comparable to hiring a photographer to capture your business.


How long does it take to do the shoot?   

Approximately 1.5 to 3 hours to shoot most businesses. Larger businesses may require more time. Your business tour will be live on Google Maps in 10-15 business days.