How do I share or embed Google Street View content?

If you're wondering how to add your businesses Google Street View virtual tour to your website, or send a link through email or social media (Twitter, FB), it's really simple! Let's walk through it step by step in 2-3 minutes.

1. Search for your business on Google and click the top right map to open the virtual tour in your browser window.

TIP: Type in your business name and location to find the tour. Alternatively, if you know the link to your Google+ Local page, you can visit that as well.

2. Click on the "See inside" thumbnail on the left panel to bring up the tour 

3. Using the navigation arrows, choose the view that you'd like to present to visitors when they first see the tour window on your website.

TIP: We recommend just inside the entrance of your business, or in a common area that allows visitors to explore in different directions. In the example of the Bier Markt, the tour opens up in front of the host/hostess area.

4. Click on the three vertical dots menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. When the dialogue box opens, choose "Share or embed image".

5. Click "Share link" if you need a link for email or social media, then copy and paste the link. **Skip to the next step if you're looking to embed the tour on your website.**

TIP: use the "Short URL" to shorten the links, so they take up less characters in an email or presentation.

6. Click "Embed image" to copy the code that will be added to a page on your website, and choose a Small, Medium, or Large window size. Copy and paste the code into the desired page.

TIP: Depending on what Content Management System you use to manage your website, embedding code may require pasting the HTML into the page source code.

7. Voila! The tour is now live on your website for everyone to explore!