Doors Open: SwissRidge Kennels

SwissRidge Kennels is the vision of a motivated young woman named Sherry Rupke. It's a place built around the needs of dogs, to ensure the highest quality breeding standards, from special air purification systems to reverse osmosis drinking water. More than that, it is where puppies are born, to be paired with loving families all over the world. We crafted video, photography, and virtual tours to help SwissRidge communicate the care and passion they take to ensure that happy, healthy dogs are brought into the world. 


Back in December, we met Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels, an incredibly passionate and inspiring entrepreneur who has been breeding dogs since she was a teenager. Sherry is a top breeder in Canada, specializing in Bernedoodles (Bernese Mountain Dog crossed with Poodle) and Golden Doodles (Golden Retriever and Poodle). Her reputation is known around the world, as widespread as her puppies. She had just opened up a brand new state-of-the-art breeding facility in Schomberg and wanted to let the world see how amazing this facility is. Here is some of the photo, video, and 360 tour work that captures the essence of SwissRidge Kennels.


A 4K video shows the highlights of this incredible location. Tour a state-of-the-art facility designed with an impressive amount of thought into details that make sure the dogs are healthy, safe, and in the best care possible. Meet Sherry, the ambitious and passionate force behind the SwissRidge vision, and understand how she stands out from other breeders and why so many families are so thrilled to have a SwissRidge puppy.


Carefully crafted high dynamic range photography was chosen to capture the facility and depict some of the details that illustrate how much thought and planning went into the design and build process.


Since the facility is appointment only, and many areas are closed off to guests, you can explore the stunning "Rainforest cafe" inspired reception, clean and climate controlled nurseries, and see a few shots of dogs in action, in the 360° Google Street View Tour.